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Understanding Your Bill

Current Bill Information Components

Included here is an itemized listing of the components of your bill.  Listed below is a description of the different components.

A. Power Supply charge, billed per kilowatt-hour (KWH) used, covers the cooperative’s wholesale cost of power and the transmission cost to deliver the power from the power plant to our substations.

B. Distribution charge covers some of the costs associated with the delivery of power to each cooperative member, including but not limited to, power lines & poles, transformers, metering equipment, substation equipment, vegetation maintenance, labor and plant.  This charge is billed per kilowatt-hour (KWH) used.

C. The Power Cost Adjustment that you see on your bill is an amount per kilowatt-hour that will either be added to, or subtracted from your bill each month.  This is determined by how much CWEC has to pay its power suppliers for the energy our members use each month.  This amount changes month-to-month, depending on market conditions and the cost of fuel.  CWEC includes a fixed amount of power costs into the energy rates our members pay.  When the actual cost CWEC pays varies each month from the amount we build into our rates, we charge or refund the difference to our cooperative members.

D. Service Availability charge is a fixed daily charge that every CWEC member pays to help cover the basic cost of bringing electricity to his or her location.  All co-op members benefit from having electrical power available when they need it; a service availability charge ensures that every member pays a fair portion of the co-op’s basic costs.

E. The Public Benefit Tax portion of the bill is a state mandated charge designed to provide funding for energy assistance and energy conservation.  We encourage our members to contact us to see what’s available to them.

F. For those members who participate in Operation Round Up, their monthly contribution is listed as Round Up Amount.  Operation Round Up is a member funded program that provides monies for charitable and educational purposes. 

G. Balance Prior To This Billing.  You will see an amount here if you had an unpaid balance or a credit balance prior to the current billing.



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