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New Distribution Generation System Procedures


  • System needs to be installed by licensed contractor
  • Contractor needs to submit Distributed Generation Application & Interconnection Agreement.
  • Member should tell contractor that CWEC requires installation of a second meter pedestal that CWEC can use to install a meter that will record kWh system is generating.  CWEC will install the meter.
  • Proof of homeowner’s liability coverage with a minimum of $300,000.
  • Wiring Certificate completed by a licensed electrician.
  • Distributed Generation Metering

         Call CWEC so our technician can contact contractor to schedule installation of meters and system inspection.  CWEC will furnish, install and maintain watt-hour meter(s) equipped to measure energy flow in and out of the member’s       distributed generation location. This meter will have the ability to record the energy generated by the member that is supplied to the Cooperative’s distribution system if the ember generates excess energy. Excess energy supplied to the Cooperative’s distribution system will be purchased by the Cooperative at the Cooperative’s unbundled energy rate. The Cooperative reserves the right to charge the member for metering costs above the standard for the rate class of the service.

         The member shall furnish, install and maintain all additional wiring and equipment required for the installation of the member’s generating system. All wiring must be done in a manner acceptable to the Cooperative.

CWEC will issue the rebate check upon receipt of all required paperwork showing completion of the project and an invoice showing payment to the contractor

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