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Energy Audits

We’re pleased to offer our members several energy audit options to help reduce their energy consumption. 

The first is a walk-through energy assessment performed by a representative of the Co-op and consists of an inventory of all the electrical items you have in your home or business.  This information is entered into a spreadsheet that will show how much electricity each item should be using and how much each item costs per month.  We compare the audit results with your actual usage to determine if there is an item using more electricity than it should.  We also use this information to offer energy savings tips.  There is no charge for this audit.

For the second type of audit we’ve partnered with state certified auditors to perform a more comprehensive audit.  This audit will determine if your home or business have areas of heat loss, missing insulation or other energy consumption concerns.  You’ll receive a report that includes infrared photos, identifies areas of concern and list energy saving recommendations specific to your home or business.  There is a charge for this audit, but rebates offered by the co-op often times pay for most, if not all, of the cost. 

Thirdly, you can find low cost energy savings tips by taking a Home Energy Adventure.  Through interactive quizzes, you can test your energy efficiency skills and learn how to improve your home’s energy efficiency, and ultimately save money. After each question, you receive energy savings tips that are customized specifically to your lifestyle and energy habits.

Let your adventure begin!

Home Energy Adventure

For more audit information or to schedule an audit, give us a call.




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